care instructions

Preserving your Mala

Mala beads are more than just jewellery. They have been used in meditation for centuries in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are a daily reminder of your deepest intentions.

Your Mala is your sacral object. Treat it with love, kindness and care, as Rudraksha and gemstones can crack with force, particularly stones that have natural fracture lines.

As Rudraksha beads are believed to absorb and store energy, it is occasionally recommended to cleanse your Mala. Its colour will naturally change with time, getting darker.

You can wash your Mala with warm water and massage the Rudraksha beads gently with natural oil as coconut or almond in order to nourish them. To banish the negativity your Mala might have absorbed you can as well place your Mala for couple of hours on the Moonlight/Sunlight or burn Sage around it.